Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Memorial in Lafayette, Louisiana

Our congratulations to Ms Joan Conway, RN and FIMR Director on the beautiful memorial that took place on Sept 16th, 2009 in honor of Infant Mortality Awareness Month.

This is a photo of the statue dedicated in honor of the precious children who died before their time.

Inscribed are the words:

"There are some forces more powerful than the physical world. The love of a parent does not end with Death. Suns rise and moons fall, but their love is forever over all." -- Joanne Cacciatore

I am honored and humbled.


Sophie said...

Wow, that is a big honour! Well deserved too. :)

caitsmom said...

It's a beautiful memorial, and we are all grateful for your words. Peace.

Dr. Joanne Cacciatore said...

Thank you Cait's mom ... I wish it didn't have to be so for any of us.

Franciscan Renewal Center said...

I love this blog..and the music is phenom..I have learned so much today thru this and a new friend.
Thank You,

Anonymous said...

Wow, I did not know that was there...I live in Lafayette....Will have to check it out :]

Mom To Elizabeth [Busy Lizzy]
To The Moon And Back...Always


The soul still sings in the darkness telling of the beauty she found there; and daring us not to think that because she passed through such tortures of anguish, doubt, dread, and horror, as has been said, she ran any the more danger of being lost in the night. Nay, in the darkness did she, rather, find herself.

--St. John, Dark Night of the Soul

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