Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sedona Grief Retreat-- where better to welcome healing?

The magic of Sedona is ineffable. Surrounded by the majestic red rocks, panoramic and picturesque views, wide blue skies, and the brightest star-filled night skies in Arizona, something special happens here to visitors.


(Note that space is very limited)

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ilchi lee prayer of peace said...

Native Americans have been coming to the area for thousands of years for vision quests and spiritual awakenings. The Yavapai and Apache tribes made their homes in Sedona, and it's known as one of the first places where Native Americans practiced "energy charging;" where a warrior would spend hours standing in one place while absorbing the pure energies of the earth.


The soul still sings in the darkness telling of the beauty she found there; and daring us not to think that because she passed through such tortures of anguish, doubt, dread, and horror, as has been said, she ran any the more danger of being lost in the night. Nay, in the darkness did she, rather, find herself.

--St. John, Dark Night of the Soul

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