Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Human Beings, Being Human

Doing the right thing has the power to help and to heal...
-Laura Linney

Dear Readers,
I am bringing two very important petitions to your attention today, asking that you sign them as part of your commitment to advocating for the vulnerable.

The first is All Trials which requires that all results from clinical trials be available for review publicly. This initiative could save lives.  Its supported by BMJ Group, PLOS, HealthWatch, National Physician's Alliance, and The Cochrane Collaboration. You can sign here.

The second is the petition organized by the MISS Foundation to boycott the DSM5. You can sign here even if you're not a clinician or researcher. Find out more about the history of the foundation's concerns here.

Please get involved, educate yourself, and then do the right thing. There is no "greater evil", says Helen Keller, than the "apathy of a human being."  Thank you, bowing, thank you.


The Traveller said...

Done and Done!

Bug Family said...

Signed on both counts.


The soul still sings in the darkness telling of the beauty she found there; and daring us not to think that because she passed through such tortures of anguish, doubt, dread, and horror, as has been said, she ran any the more danger of being lost in the night. Nay, in the darkness did she, rather, find herself.

--St. John, Dark Night of the Soul

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